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Evil Residence
by Adhesion
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The fourth release from electronic musician Adhesion. Originally conceived as an attempt at 7 Album-A-Days in 7 days, it quickly degenerated in a mad rush to reach the goal of 140 minutes. The whole project, from start to finish, took 11 days instead of the planned 7. The result is a double album that defies classification, crossing through genres like downtempo, ambient, techno, trance and noise. More info:
Topics: Electronic, Techno, Ambient, Experimental, Beyond Classification, Bit Pop, Full Album, Album-A-Day,...
Source: Adhesion
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From the Odeon recording “Beat and Bow” (MOAE-174) which was also later released by EMI (EALP-1312) three pieces of instrumental Hindustani music. The first work is for solo tabla and is the Teental rhythm (a cycle of 16 beats). The second piece is a Raga for sarangi and tabla and is also in the Teental rhythm. The third work is also for sarangi and tabla and is in the Deepchandi rhythm (a cycle of 14 beats). It is a Thumri, which means it is in a light classical mode. The basic melody for...
Topics: KPFA-FM, Music, World Music
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A modern Japanese Nō drama with electronic music background, performed in Japanese. [Possibly “The Lady Aoi” or “Aoi-no-Ue”]
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Topics: Japan, Music, KPFA-FM